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Airsoft Guns and Self-Defense Weapons

Airsoft Guns are used for practice or even fun, Airsoft Guns are a great alternative for training, not only due to the projectile shot with “air power”, but also mostly due to their aspect. The shape and type of the Airsoft Guns are identical to their firepower replicas. Although it may not be a good idea to point an Airsoft Gun to your aggressors in real life situations, it is a good way to practice the use of a potential real gun.

In regards to Airsoft Guns, we sell 2nd Generation Airsoft Guns by carrying many brand name licensed Airsoft Guns of replicas from top manufactures, such as Cybergun, and Soft Air. Second Generation Airsoft Guns feature metal parts, realistic accuracy and greater precision on the field. Strike Back Now offers a complete range of Airsoft to fit every type of player.

Another great type of self-defense weapons are stun guns. With a more affordable price than the Airsoft Guns, stun guns come in handy when the aggressors are already too close to beat a hasty retreat. Disguised as soda cans, mobile phones, credit cards, cigars and other objects you usually carry around, stun guns will stun your aggressor with over 800, 000 Volt shocks. You will have enough time to leave the area or even call the police while your attacker is paralyzed by muscle spasms.

The most common self-defense weapon remains, the pepper spray. It’s cheap, small and inflicts a great level of pain that will take the mind of your attacker or attackers off of you. Pepper spray can be purchased in the classic tube form, as well as camouflaged in usual objects that you carry around on a daily basis. Pepper sprays are by far the most popular weapons used today.

The most important thing is that you don’t have to be a victim anymore. Your protection and even your family’s safety are far more important than anything in the world. And since we are not entitled to take anyone’s life, self-defense products are the best things to buy when it comes to avoiding trouble without being a victim.